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Engineering is the revolutionary force that uses the ideas of today to change the future. 

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We don’t look at you as an employee. Instead, we value you as a partner. We are mutually invested in your professional growth. We sit down with you to better understand your current skill sets and your desires for the future. Understanding where you want your career to grow allows us the ability to create opportunities for professional development. This includes continued education, technical training, and mentoring that is tailored to your specific needs. As you grow, the company grows as well. Joining G11 makes you a technology partner, not just an employee.

We’re not like the other guys.

G11 is a unique company with a hiring model designed to attract the best and brightest in the field. We believe in investing in people. We don’t just say you’re important but actually treat you as a valuable asset. We don’t just focus on your career growth, but your satisfaction as well. We view you as more than a sum of bulleted buzzwords. Each engineer provides unique value and a particular skill set. Come work with us and help innovate the future.

Engineers are the creative innovators responsible for the technology of tomorrow.

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